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Monday, August 31, 2015

Debut Packages (Venue Set-Up)

Hello Everyone! Aside from our Complete or Full Debut Packages, we are also offering Debut Packages which is more on decorations and whole venue set-up according to theme. This Debut Package is perfect for those Debutante's who already have booked a venue or hotel for their event and for those who already have an event organizer or an event planner who have booked them the essentials needed on their Debut like: Gowns, Invitations, 18 Roses, 18 Candles, Cake, Cupcakes, etc,

Check out our Debut Packages:

If you are planning on hiring an event coordinator to make your debut run smoothly and according to plan, you can try our On-the-Day Coordination service. For more information, kindly call us or send us a message at 09336989492 and 09198609922. Thank you! :)

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