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Friday, June 20, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party

So, you've decided to throw out a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Theme Party? That's great! We, at Athena Miel's Balloons, Bubbles and Party Needs would be excited to help you plan and execute your ideas into a picture perfect event. :)

Here are some sample photos we got for a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Themed Party...

For the balloons, the Mickey Mouse balloon wall is really nice as a backdrop but it is a bit pricey because you will need a lot of balloons for that. As for the balloon pillars and balloon centerpiece, the balloons needed to make it is just right and so is the price. ;) These lovely balloon decorations would be perfect for your child's birthday.

Below is a Minnie Mouse Balloon Arch with 2 floor grass balloons. On the table is where you can put your cake and cupcakes or any other desserts for your guests. It would be a pretty awesome view for pictorial after the party.

You can click the photo for a much bigger view of these stylish Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Themed Balloons.

Athena Miel's 2nd Birthday was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse inspired theme. We made simple Balloon Pillars with Minnie Mouse Foil Balloons on top.

I personally bake the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies and also the Chocolate Lava Cake formed into a Mickey Mouse silhouette which was not perfectly done as it cracked when I got it out of the cake pan. Anyways, I've made a lot for my little one's 2nd birthday party such as the following:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cookies

Customized Mickey and Minnie Mouse Invitations

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Hats

The Minnie Mouse bow pins for the girls that I personally made..

Mickey and friends PiƱata filled with goodies and coins


 Mickey and Friends Tarpaulin


Below are some Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed ideas which you might like to add in your themed party. Photos below are the ones that I found online and liked...

 The following set-up might help you get ideas on your upcoming party...

For the sweet treats, these Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies, cake pops, marshmallow pops, oreo pops, etc. are so cute and I'm sure the kids will surely love it.


For the Giveaway bags this is cool, a Do It Yourself that anyone can just make.

If you need help in planning and getting your ideas put into life, feel free to message us, send us an email at or call/text us in these numbers: 09336989492 and 09198609922. Thank you and we hope to see you in our future events... :)

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